Together we can create a birth experience that is enjoyable, positive, and above all, the safest that it can be!
Choosing to have a Doula present at your birth or in your home during the early postpartum can be one of the most beneficial investments you will ever make. We work one-on-one with you and your partner to ensure you are well informed about the options that are available to you during labour. More importantly, we take pride in building strong, trusting relationships with our clients so we can seamlessly meet their needs once their big day arrives.

Labour Support

Having a trained birth professional at your side throughout your labour can be extremely reassuring. Doulas are experienced in all aspects of birth support and have a deep appreciation for what the labouring mother needs.

Doulas support dads and partners too! Not only do we work diligently to ensure the mother has a positive and empowering birth experience, we know the father or partner is also going through a life-changing transition and can truly benefit from having a trained birth professional at their side. Seeing your spouse or partner in labour can be an intense experience, making it difficult to remember all the different positions and advice reviewed in a childbirth class at an earlier date.

During the labour itself, we work closely with both to ensure they have the tools they need for optimal comfort and are well supported as a team. Doulas cannot replace the loving relationship you have with your spouse, but as trained birth professionals, we are able to “help them help you.” This can include making simple suggestions such as position changes and hands-on pain relief techniques which make it much easier to change gears when necessary. Our goal is to help assist in creating a birth experience that is enjoyable, positive and above all, the safest that it can be!

Some services include:

  • Access to our Build a Better Birth- Prenatal Planning Program
  • Telephone support and advice throughout pregnancy and immediate postpartum;
  • Massage and other alternative pain relief measures during labour;
  • Ensuring breastfeeding is established in the immediate postpartum;
  • Continuous, uninterrupted support throughout labour, birth and the immediate postpartum;
  • Labour and birth positioning suggestions for comfort and labour progress
  • Photographs or videotape of labour, birth and/or new baby.

Postpartum Home Care

Rest, relax and recover as you gently adjust to life as a new mother.

Many cultures around the world practise what is known as a “40 day lay-in period” where the mother’s focus is solely on healing and bonding with her newborn. Women in the community care for the mother by bringing her warm meals, helping her breastfeed, letting her rest so she can regain her strength, and of course, caring for any other children already in the home. This may seem a bit out of reach for women in Saskatchewan, but fortunately, there is common ground somewhere in the middle. We call her the Postpartum Doula!

After your new baby arrives, we work within your home to ensure a gentle and smooth transition into parenthood by providing early breastfeeding support, newborn basics and cord care, relief from practical household chores, meal preparation, and sibling care, to name just a few services.

We encourage our clients to book themselves a “Babymoon” where all they are concerned about is enjoying their time together as a new family while we take care of the rest! When we meet the basic needs of the new mother, we end up with healthy, strong and confident mothers ready to move forward in their new role.

All Labour and Postpartum plans are individually tailored to each family. Pricing will vary based on the services selected for each plan. We would love to chat more about your specific needs.