My name is SARA BECKEL. I am a Certified Breastfeeding Educator (Aviva), and Certified Babywearing Educator and in 2016 decided to follow my calling and became a birth doula as well, training with Birth Ways International here in Regina. I am also a mother to three incredible little girls whom I welcomed into the world in 2009, 2012 and 2014. I am very excited to be working with the team at Family First Doula Service.

I have been entwined and submerged in the worlds of motherhood and birth for many years now, and I never get tired of seeing women transform as they move through the journey of motherhood. Watching a family be born is always an honour to witness. With every baby that’s born, new parents are born as well.

My goal as a doula and educator in the community is to ensure that mothers and partners feel supported emotionally and have somewhere they can turn to with any questions or concerns, no matter how large or small. I want to encourage and nurture a trusting, safe relationship with every family I work with and ensure that the information they receive is easily accessible, understandable, and directly applicable to their specific needs as a family.

My birth philosophy has a strong foundation in the belief that birth is individual to every woman, and that there are no right or wrongs where labour and birth are concerned. I feel that all women deserve steady, consistent and warm support during the perinatal period and that women has innate wisdom that they tap into to guide them through this period of change and growth as they become new mothers.

Helping families gather the information they need to make informed decisions that best suit their body, their baby, and their life is one of my biggest goals as a doula. Every woman deserves to feel respected, supported and surrounded by calm, loving encouragement as she works to bring new life into being. The father/partner is an integral part of the birthing process, and they also deserve a doula who will guide them through this exciting yet intense time and support them in supporting the mother. It’s always an honour when a family hires me to be their doula and to accompany them as their family grows by one (or more!).

I love being a birth worker! I also love working with families prenatally and postpartum in my capacity as a breastfeeding and babywearing educator. For the past 6 years, I’ve taught monthly prenatal breastfeeding classes as well as working one on one with women, providing them with in-home breastfeeding support sessions. I have worked with hundreds of women in a wide variety of situations and scenarios to help them meet their personal breastfeeding goals. Breastfeeding can be challenging sometimes, but having the right information and support makes all the difference.

Taking a breastfeeding class before birth is also one of the best ways to ensure you meet your breastfeeding goals. I often say that birth is like the wedding day, and breastfeeding and postpartum time is like the marriage. It’s important to make all the plans for that magical day, but it is equally important to spend time focusing on what this new relationship will look like for you both once baby arrives. Very few of us truly understand what a normal breastfeeding newborn looks like, or what is normal for a mother’s experiences in the postpartum. Together we will create a strong foundation for your family to grow on and I will support you in building confidence as a parent, putting plans in place ahead of time to ensure you and your baby have a community of support and love on which to rely.

I would love to be part of your community and to support you through all the stages of your journey.

Please feel free to learn more about how I can help with breastfeeding support by reviewing some of the most FAQ’s!

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Client Testimonials:

SARA , throughout my breastfeeding journey, I was thankful for your kind and extremely helpful advice. When I reached out to you, I was a brand new Mama to a very unhappy baby girl. She was only 7 weeks old and your advice got me through our first of many nursing strikes. 3 I didn’t even know what that was, let alone that it could be possible so early on. Now expecting my second baby, I am grateful for your encouragement and looking forward to another successful breastfeeding journey. Wishing you and your family the very best in Regina!
~Tiana V.

I recently attended SARA ’s breastfeeding workshop and can’t say enough about this class. As a birth doula, and a breastfeeding mom of 3.5 years, it was easy to recognize the value of the information provided. Presented in a palatable way, I found SARA ’s enthusiasm and easy-to-follow course material to be of superior quality. I would, and will, recommend this class to anyone who is pregnant! Thanks SARA !
-Jaclyn R.

SARA is an exceptional human, with her support our birth story is one of happy memories and laughter. No, things did not go anywhere near according to plan. But with her support and knowledge we were able to make sound decisions that were right for us and brought our beautiful baby girl safely into our lives. She continues to provide amazing support for our family. It’s tough being an exclusive breastfeeding mother in a formula world, but we are lucky to have an educator and advocate like SARA to support us. I highly recommend her breastfeeding class for pregnant moms as well as her Doula services. I can’t say enough great things about this wonderful woman.
~Nadege K.

I gave birth to my last child 13weeks early and wasn’t able to put my daughter to the breast for two months. The hospital would use my milk if I could get it to come in. My supply was minimal as my body was not ready for the early arrival. SARA was so helpful in educating me about the best ways to bring my milk in in a natural ( non medicinal) way. She was understanding of the limited time I could have my daughter out of her incubator. And I was able to triple my milk supply to have my milk enriched for bottle feeds. It really helped to know that my body COULD feed her even if she could be put to breast right away. It was a hard road but SARA always guided me to the next positive step. I was able to bottle feed my daughter for a year of my milk. NICU said it would be next to impossible. Thx SARA .
~Shauna A.

I live in Edmonton and got to experience SARA ’s support from a distance. We talked over the phone, texted, I sent videos, and photos… She helped me SO MUCH even though she wasn’t there in person. Amazing woman with a wealth of knowledge and understanding
~Vanessa S.

SARA is an amazing and knowledgeable woman. She approaches her calling in life with ease, familiarity and grace. She has helped so many moms to successfully breastfeed their babies and is supportive and loving in her approach. As a health care provider, I felt comfort and confidence in referring my patients to SARA . We miss you in Saskatoon SARA !
~Dr. Stacey Hornick

I can’t say enough wonderful words about SARA . I was a complete stranger to her, in desperate need of someone to listen to me and provide me guidance in my breastfeeding journey. She supported me through months of struggles; patiently listened to me as I sorted out my emotions and offered plenty of tissues as I shed buckets of tears. I would love to tell every new mom what invaluable support she provides. She was a lifeline to me throughout one of the most challenging transitions of my life. I have the utmost respect for her as a mother and Educated individual. I know your experience with her will be just as rewarding and memorable.
~Jennifer D.

If it weren’t for SARA I wouldn’t have the confidence I do now with breastfeeding. I struggled for months with my first child and finally reached out to SARA for help. She explained everything and made me confident that I could do this, after that breastfeeding was an amazing experience instead of stressful and foreign to me. I’m truly grateful to SARA .
~Jessica T.

I can’t express how grateful I am for SARA . When my son was born we had a lot of difficulty with breastfeeding. When I contacted SARA she was able to come over right away and meet with us. She provided us with so much support and answered any questions we had. Her knowledge of anything to do with breastfeeding is amazing. I now have been successfully breastfeeding for the past 7
months and attribute a lot of that success to SARA .
~Lindsay D.

SARA did an amazing job helping me cope with my sons lip tie by giving me positioning ideas and just being supportive in my efforts. My fourth baby and my ONLY breastfed one, probably only possible because of her ideas and support! Forever grateful for the help!
~Alyson S.

SARA ’s support, encouragement, and knowledge was imperative to my breastfeeding success with my second child. I had a lot of trauma from the birth and breastfeeding journey with my first son. SARA was able to create a safe, nurturing environment where I felt heard, accepted, and validated. She innately understood the vulnerability and sacredness of postpartum along with all of the emotions and guilt I held when breastfeeding was not going smoothly. Her services and support are invaluable.
~Alauna W.

SARA is amazing. I had the absolute gift of learning from her in the short time we worked together. I am 100% confident that my breastfeeding experience went as smooth as it did because of her. I was prepared to spot issues, revel in my success and feel aware and confident through rough patches. She is so easy to talk to and so knowledgeable.. she is the babe and the breast guru! It made my breastfeeding experience so incredibly positive.
~Courtney F.

SARA helped me feel confident breastfeeding my newborn after transitioning home from spending six days in NICU with my baby. She helped to figure out next steps to getting my baby feeding fully at the breast. My experience with SARA was so helpful and she helped ease my stress during a very difficult time in my breastfeeding journey.
~Chelsea B.