1:00 pm- Join us in centre/online (FB LIVE) for a presentation and open conversation about medication and perinatal mental health in partnership with Leah Zaparaniuk, manager of Rubicon Health Solutions.

Leah is a passionate pharmacist and provides service based solutions and follow-up care for all of their clientele. Medication is often a very helpful tool in the treatment of Postpartum Mood Disorders. However there is still a lot of misinformation and myths surrounding the safety of medications for mom and baby. Leah will provide a short presentation followed by a Q & A session.

3:30 pm- Doulas really do make a difference! Join us live on facebook as we will be connecting with the team at Doula Canada as we talk more about the role of the doula when it comes to the treatment of Postpartum Mood Disorders and how to ensure our clients have solid information prenatally as well as help them build a postpartum plan.

7:00 pm- We will be hosting our final FB live of the day which will focus on the power of peer support!

We are very happy to welcome Lisa Tremayne, founder of The Bloom Foundation for Maternal Wellness.

Lisa is also the director for the Center for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders at one of the largest birthing hospitals in NJ. This Center is one of the few mother/baby programs for PMADs in the United States.

Lisa started the Bloom Foundation as a response to the extraordinary lack of maternal mental health resources, support and treatment available to pregnant and new moms. As a survivor of postpartum anxiety and OCD after the birth of her triplets and then fourth child, Lisa is dedicated to using her voice to decrease the stigma surrounding postpartum anxiety and depression.

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As you can see it will be a full, exciting, informative day and we are very excited for moms all across the province and the rest of Canada to join us and take part in this amazing campaign! Stay connected by heading over to the official Facebook event page now!

One story at a time we are changing the way we view and support new mothers and I’m so excited to come together and shed light on such an important issue facing families today.