Who Holds Your Birth Power?

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the blog! This topic is something that’s been coming up quite often in conversations with clients lately, and I thought it was important to write something about it just in case someone else is needing to hear this conversation as well. Not to mention with the critical shortage of midwives within our city, has led to last minute changes in care and safe birth options, leaving women scrambling and terrified that they will not be able to have the birth that they want, and very much deserve!

I really encourage more women out there to ask themselves one question, why is it that we as strong, capable women, are giving up ALL OF OUR POWER to the physician on the chart? We spend so much time frantically worrying about who they are going to have as a Doctor, meanwhile last time I checked, they are only there at the very end and surely they aren’t the ones pushing your baby out!!! They aren’t the ones who have to search deep down inside themselves to find the strength to move past the emotional and physical obstacles that are involved in bringing a child into the world and, they CERTAINLY ARE NOT the ones who are going to drive that baby home after the biggest physical and emotional event ever possible, and continue to care for you and your family around the clock! Right? It’s yours MAMA! It always has been and it always will be YOURS! Keep your power all for yourself! Birth MATTERS and the choices you make or rather DON’T make, will change your life significantly. I always tell my clients that there is no right or wrong way to do things, it’s what works best for you. But my biggest goal for the clients I work with is that, I never want them to look back at their birth and say “If I had known more, would I have made the same decisions?”

Could you just imagine a world where we spent the same amount of time pumping ourselves up about how AMAZING birth actually is, compared to what we do on preparing the nursery or shopping for strollers? Or if women surrounded themselves with nothing but positive birth stories and didn’t get pulled into the negativity that is a system that isn’t exactly supporting physiological birth for low risk moms to its fullest abilities but instead, feels it’s best practices are to put each and every individually unique woman into the same exact mold, expecting grand results when meanwhile…. The numbers don’t LIE!!! Caesarean rates are at an all-time high, women are WANTING to breastfeed but somehow slip through the cracks resulting in an extremely low rate of only 26% who are exclusively breastfeeding at 6 months and lastly……. Postpartum Depression rates are right behind all of this with 1 in 5 new Canadian Mothers affected each year but are suffering in silence!!!

So how effective is the system? Are you receiving adequate, evidence-based information so you can make healthy choices and reach whatever goals you have set out for yourself? Do you think there is room for improvement? If you do well, it’s going to need to start somewhere and that somewhere is you!

We need more moms to take back their power and be in partnership with their care provider, becoming truly informed patients by being proactive about their health. My favourite quote of all time is “When You Know Better, You Do Better” by Maya Angelou, and there couldn’t be a better way to simplify what preparing for birth should really be about! Finding you power, learning more about what NORMAL BIRTH IS REALLY IS vs starting from a place where a woman’s strength and capabilities aren’t honored and birth is looked at like a hazardous time bomb waiting to EXPLODE!!! No wonder we are terrified!

At the end of the day our care providers are simply that…. providing care, providing a safe place to ASK QUESTIONS so you feel confident in YOUR choices and if there was ever a problem, we are so thankful to have them intervene at that point but, handing over your power and putting it solely into the hands of your physician is NOT serving you well! You are ALWAYS in the driver’s seat and are the one making every single decision when it comes to your birth. Sometimes we are faced with less than ideal circumstances but, the choices are always there. It’s really up to you to prepare yourself well for your birth, surround yourself with like-minded people who believe in your ability to do this and of course, EDUCATION truly is POWER!

Having a safe birth isn’t about your care provider, it’s about you being aware of the potential hazards and creating ways to avoid them during your labour. We cannot begin to see major changes in our birth outcomes, and therefore, overall maternal mental health, unless we begin to push the envelope and build awareness to encourage mothers to believe that birth is NORMAL, birth is SAFE and to trust in their innate ability to do this. Help them make truly INFORMED DECISIONS about their care vs being along for the ride, as having a child will forever change the course of your life. Either it will be a positive, empowering experience or a potentially negative one that you can never really go back and “try again”.

Of course I am a VERY strong supporter of midwifery throughout the province but, if a woman doesn’t first begin trust herself and the process because she is surrounded by negativity, simply having a midwife or “The Best OB” in town, isn’t going to bring her the empowering, safe birth she wants!


This is why I feel so passionately about the work I am doing. It’s all about creating that platform for changing the way we view birth, starting the conversations that need to happen on all sorts of levels but, the most important place to start is with the MOMS! So I encourage you ladies if you are expecting a new baby that you read lots, ask questions, listen to your intuition and lastly, consider hiring a DOULA!!!!!!!!

Doulas make a HUGE impact and are one of the most underused resources available to birthing women. We are essentially an emotional safety net of support that is always right behind you as you navigate what is important to you when it comes to YOUR birth, YOUR baby and YOUR family!

If you have any questions about planning for your upcoming birth, or would like to discuss your goals one on one, I would love to hear from you! Contact me anytime at info@familyfirstdoulas.com

You have everything you need to do this Mamas!


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