What is ‘Modern Motherhood’ and Why Does it Matter?

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At Family First, our mission is Inspiring Better Birth and Modern Motherhood, and as we continue to celebrate the opening of our brand new maternal wellness centre, I want to share a bit more background about what modern motherhood means to us.

For so many years it seems that the challenges and triumphs that come with motherhood have been kept out of the public eye or even quietly swept under the rug. The current cultural assumption is that women who walk down the path of motherhood will somehow know how to care for a new baby. That their “motherly instinct” will just kick in and they’ll all love early parenthood because that’s “what they’re built to do”. Doesn’t it sound dreamy? We’re built for this, right?

We’ve painted such a beautiful, superficial picture of motherhood, but the reality is many women have a much different experience once they bring their new baby home. Since becoming a mother myself, it quickly became clear that the narrative we’ve grown up with is very misleading and that women are paying a very steep price for it. This fantasy doesn’t serve women or the children they are raising because it’s unrealistic.

Of course there are amazing moments that come with motherhood. Moments that fill your heart up so full that you don’t even know how to comprehend it. However what would the world look like if we were more honest with our expectant mothers? What if we helped them be more prepared for the challenges ahead so that they felt supported and empowered instead of left to feel like failures or “less than” for not living up to the fantasy?

It’s time we pull back the curtain and begin to see motherhood for what it really is. To truly honour this new role which includes a full spectrum of emotions, challenges, and accomplishments, and create a safe space for women to navigate through the transition. It’s time to get real about our mental health specifically so that we can be the best parents possible.

What is Modern Motherhood?

Modern motherhood is about changing the cultural narrative around what it means to be a mom in this day and age and creating a more realistic picture of what it is. It’s about knowing the true value of the work we do and honoring the need to take care of ourselves FIRST so that we can then take care of our families.

Modern motherhood is about encouraging women to ask for help, not because they need it but because they DESERVE it! For so long, asking for help has been seen as a weakness and that is something we absolutely want to change. Raising a child takes a village; a real village of people who care about you and your family. Mothering isn’t designed to be done in isolation.

Modern motherhood is about women being proactive about their health and making informed decisions about their care. It’s about using the power of technology to access education, and to carve out a new age village where they can connect and support one another as they experience that first year and beyond!

With technology at our fingertips information is everywhere! Being informed has never been easier yet it can all be so overwhelming. We want to help women and families navigate their options so they feel support along the way. When you know better, you do better and our Centre connects families to the resources they need.

Lastly, modern motherhood is about letting go of unrealistic expectations about what this role looks like. It’s about finding your own path in this world and connecting with your children in a brand new way.

Why does it matter?

This is important because we know moms are suffering and when moms suffer so do our little ones, and so do our families. With one in five women experiencing a postpartum mood and anxiety disorder (PAMD) after the birth of a child, and only a fraction of those actually get the help they need, we know something has to change.

It matters because if we start now, we’ll be able to break the cycle so that women will no longer have to suffer in silence and so that our sons and daughters can live in a world that better supports new parents.

Perinatal health and family wellness is our passion and although sometimes we may not have all the answers, we are absolutely committed to finding the solutions. If our vision for modern motherhood is something you connect with and would like to learn more, please book a free consultation so we can chat more about your goals and how we can help.

Our Build a Better Birth Prenatal Planning Program provides you with private, customized child birth education and ongoing support from a professional Labour Doula. If you’ve recently given birth our exclusive Postpartum Wellness Program brings together mental and physical health supports in one easy location – our new Centre! Regardless of what stage of motherhood you’re in, we can help support you!

– Sara