Wake Up On Purpose!

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Good morning Mamas!
Do you ever realize that the first 5 min of your morning completely sets the tone for your entire day?
I know I’m not the only one out there that wakes up at 6 am after a night of completely broken sleep, only to begin immediately meeting the demands of my little girls, who are absolutely ready to greet the day with the energy of a lightning bolt! Its really hard some days to wake up without already being frustrated because you’ve been up 16 times that night just to do it all over again with a smile on your face. Sometimes, well who am I kidding? MOST TIMES all you want to do is just get 15 more minutes, hit the snooze button so you can slowly wake up and ease into your morning. When you’re a mom that just isn’t the case and it can be really difficult getting your attitude in check as you rub your sleepy eyes, make your way to the coffee pot, get the kids some breakfast so you can then have 30 seconds to centre yourself and prepare for the day.

So I’m personally starting a new routine and I’m wanting to share it with all of you!!! I know for me that 30 seconds in the morning, I like to sip my coffee and just scroll through my Facebook.  It gives me just a pinch of “Me Time” as I plan my day. But starting today I’m going to have just a little more purpose in my 30 seconds lol Every morning moving forward I will be posting a positive msg for myself and hopefully all of you, that you can cary throughout your day. Perspective is easily lost in the daily routines and demands of mom life and I think a little will go a long way. Our thoughts are soooo powerful and more often than not, we tend to spiral into the negative and end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I want to change that, even if its a little bit and I think something as small as this will go a long way.

So if you are wanting to join in this new little challenge,  “LIKE” but more importantly “SHARE” the msg! Make your own comment and help inspire other moms you know, to have a better start to the day! There is no reason we can’t support each other when it’s something as little as this. It’s nice to know that there is a community of moms that are going through similar scenarios and why not boost each other up a bit?!?! But that’s all for now and I’m looking forward to seeing how this will positively affect my day and hopefully some of yours!