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Hey everyone!

I just really wanted to share this with all of you who are out there that are working towards a VBAC! I have two little girls myself but, cannot exactly draw on personal experience when it comes to VBAC, as I haven’t been through it myself. I do however, know what’s it’s like to work through underlying fears that come up when you are preparing for a birth. It can be stressful under normal circumstances but, I really do feel each child you bring into the world is backed by its own unique journey to motherhood. The choices we have to make, the mental strength we need to maintain to allow this amazing process to unfold is something very special and transforms us as new mothers.

I feel so blessed to have reconnected with an old friend over the last little while thanks to Facebook, and got to watch her find her strength in birth and bring her new baby girl into the world after a successful VBAC! I’m just so proud of her and of all the women out there who have been in her position. Shortly after this sweet baby girl was born, I asked this new Mama 2 questions while it was fresh in her mind:

1) What would you want to tell another mom who is working towards a VBAC?

2) What was the most helpful thing you found on your journey now looking back from the other side?

Her answers were so inspiring that I needed to share with all of you in hopes that you may find motivation and strength from her journey!

She wrote:

“-Find a Dr or make sure everyone on your team is on the same page, which is your page. Make sure they all know you want to do a VBAC, knowing the risks and are cheering for you!

-Slow and steady wins the race. Surely I could have asked for pitocin or an epidural as soon as I was admitted or if the contractions got bad enough but, I knew that if I wanted to do things the natural way this time, I had to let my body and baby react naturally.  After 7 hrs of contractions and no change from 3cm my Doc and I agreed to start 2mg/min of pitocin to help get those contractions stronger and get over the hump. Within 3 hrs we stopped the pit bc my body was running at a steady, strong pace on it’s own.

– Have a vision. Decide what you want to do and keep that vision in mind- the more details you envision, the more your vision will come true.

– Know that you are in charge- you call the shots bc you know your body best. If you decide it’s time for you to push, you push. If not, you don’t.

– Believe in yourself. If you believe you can do it, you can!! Tell yourself you can, and will do it and don’t give up!”


VBAC is possible! Having the right support team around you that you can count on for constant reassurance, information and support is key to having success. Reaching out to other mothers who have been there, surrounding yourself with nothing but postive birth stories and of course,  educating yourself on the facts about VBAC, are the tools that you will need to see your vision of a success become a reality. This is why I love my job so much! Getting to watch a women go through the birth experience, regardless of how it unfolds,  and contributing in anyway I can to ensure she walks away feeling postive and empowered, is all I could ever ask for!

If you are working towards a VBAC or are just looking for birth support in genral (prenatal planning, labour support or postpartum home care),  please email me at info@familyfirstdoulas.com to set up a free consult so we can begin discussing your unique birth plan! Congrats again to this new Mama and I’m glad to have been around to watch it unfold!