Sara Beckel- Doula Profile

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Sara Beckel – Owner Family First Doula Service

CAPPA Trained Labour/Postpartum Doula

Pbi- Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

My name is Sara Beckel and I have been a CAPPA trained Doula since 2009, I became a mother to my beautiful two girls in 2011 and 2013 and now own Family First Doula Service here in Regina. My goal for all the birthing families I work with is, to provide easy access to education and support when it comes to their upcoming birth. This is the most profound and life changing experience a woman will ever go through and, I really work hard towards building a strong, trusting relationship with each family especially the mother, during the prental period. This time really enables me to fully understand the goals they have for their birth but also, sets me up to be able to seamlessly meet the mothers needs during her labour and help her achieve the goals she has set up for herself. I really believe in a woman’s ability to birth and love working with new Mothers as they start to prepare themselves for the journey ahead.  I am someone who is here to help guide a women as she finds her own strength, to assist her in gathering the right information she needs to feel powerful in her choices and above all, I am really here to provide hands on support during her labour so she can focus solely on the work she needs to do in order to bring her new baby into the world. I love to help create a calm and relaxing environment for the mother as well as the father because, this is his birth experience too and I hope that everyone involved can walk away with the most positive experience possible.

I love and feel very honored when I am chosen to be present at someone’s birth however,  I also have a really strong passion for the postpartum work that I do. My aim is to really provide the best service possible for your entire family unit which extends past the labour alone and continues within your home once your new baby has arrived. Someone to keep your household running by taking care of the basics like meals, laundry, light house cleaning, baby basics, breastfeeding support and sibling care. Having the help from a postpartum doula during those early weeks, really allows you to get the rest you need to start physically recovering from the birth, allows you to take the much needed time to reflect and process the birth experience itself, helps to create the space needed to focus on getting to know your newborn baby and establish a strong bond, meanwhile knowing your family, especially younger siblings, are well taken care of as you gently adjust to life as a mother brand new mother.

Raising awarness for PPD/Anxiety and Maternal Mental Health in general,  is also a strong passion of mine. On June 28th 2014, I organized Regina’s 1st “Climb Out Of The Darkness” event which raised funds for an amazing non profit organization called Postpartum Progress. They are an excellent online resource for women who are struggling with mental health after a new baby. This is something that affects 1  in 5 new mothers and I hope to help build this into a yearly event here in the city, which will help educate new families in the community about how we can reduce the risk factors in the first place by meeting the new mothers most basic needs but more importantly, where mothers can look to for help when needed in and around Regina.

Choosing a Doula is such a personal decision and its so important to find someone who you feel very comfortable with. I offer a free consultation to anyone who is interested in learning more about how I can help. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to set something up!