Postpartum Wellness Program

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At Family First, we are committed to improving the health and wellness of new mothers across the province and that’s why we have created a brand new 12-month program that will revolutionize the way women experience motherhood!

Research has shown that continuous social support throughout the first year postpartum has tremendous benefits on the overall health and wellness of new mothers, and reduces the risk factors for developing a postpartum mood disorder such as Postpartum Depression (PPD) or Anxiety. Currently, PPD affects 1 in 5 Canadian moms each year making it the number one birth complication to date.

Our Postpartum Wellness Program is designed to assist new mothers throughout the entire first year after welcoming a new child into the world, by providing ongoing personalized guidance and support as they navigate through the challenges and triumphs that come with motherhood. Our goal is to create easy access to a strong community, including both peers and professionals, reducing isolation, and streamlining additional resources such as breastfeeding support, early childhood education and nutrition all under one roof.

Our Postpartum Wellness Program includes:

Monthly Postpartum Wellness Sessions- Here we have an opportunity to check-in and review any questions or concerns that have come up along the way and connecting our clients to any resources sthey may need as soon as possible. These sessions are geared towards educating women on self-care techniques, healthy communication, and how to meet their own needs as a new mother to ensure they remain healthy throughout the first year. Our team is also available for ongoing weekly check-ins throughout the month if questions arise between wellness sessions.

Lounge- Enjoy unlimited access to our lounge! Come and enjoy a cup of coffee, good discussion and a place for your little ones to play, learn and explore! Our lounge is designed specifically with new moms in mind and we want you to feel right at home. Our lounge is the hub of our wellness centre and will offer daily group activates for those who wish to take part. These groups are a casual, come as you are, drop-in setting so that moms can come and go as they need.

Weekly Drop-in Groups

Breastfeeding- Breastfeeding is a learned skill that deserves support along the way. Join breastfeeding educator Martha Neovard to chat more about any questions or challenges you may be facing, learn tips and tricks as your baby continues to grow, and find encouragement and support as you connect with other moms in our community.

Early Childhood Development– Enjoy some quality time playing and learning with your baby! Join Speech Pathologist Nichole Forbes and learn more about your babies ongoing development, how to support a strong connection so that they can confidently explore their world, and of course, have fun!

Nutrition- Meeting your basic nutritional needs as a new mother can be challenging. Join Naturopathic Dr. Richelle Galay to learn more about your new postpartum body, how to fuel it so that you have the energy for your day, and to review common questions that come along with regaining your strength in the postpartum period.

Yoga- Staying active makes such a positive impact on your overall health as a new mom. Join yoga instructor & reflexologist Jill Bullock for a Mom & Baby yoga class as you gain strength, relieve stress and enjoy some time with your little one.

Coffee Time– Mothering is a learned skill that’s not designed to be done in isolation. Join us for coffee and meet new friends as we as we discuss all things mothering, current events and hot topics and so much more!