Postpartum Home Care

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Rest, relax and recover as you gently adjust to life as a new mother.

Many cultures around the world practise what is known as a “40 day lay-in period” where the mother’s focus is solely on healing and bonding with her newborn. Women in the community care for the mother by bringing her warm meals, helping her breastfeed, letting her rest so she can regain her strength, and of course, caring for any other children already in the home. This may seem a bit out of reach for women in Saskatchewan, but fortunately, there is common ground somewhere in the middle. We call her the Postpartum Doula!

Hiring a Postpartum Doula to care for your entire family unit once your new baby arrives can be one of the most practical and beneficial ways to positively support the overall health of your whole family. After your new baby arrives, we work within your home to ensure a gentle and smooth transition into parenthood by providing early breastfeeding support, newborn basics and cord care, relief from practical household chores, meal preparation, and sibling care, to name just a few services.

We encourage our clients to book themselves a “Babymoon” where all they are concerned about is enjoying their time together as a new family while we take care of the rest! When we meet the basic needs of the new mother, we end up with healthy, strong and confident mothers ready to move forward in their new role.



  • THE PRACTICAL- Meals, laundry, baby basics and the new mother’s immediate environment.
  • THE PHYSICAL- Help with self-care including Sitz baths, showers, breastfeeding, massage, postpartum belly binding, as well as gentle guidance in the normal recovery of the new mother, especially REST!
  • BABY BASICS- Cord care, Newborn appearance, bowel and bladder functions, diapering, breathing, bathing, sleep, crying, SIDS prevention
  • MEAL PREP- Healthy, home-cooked meals prepared at your home consistently during the postpartum period. This allows new parents to relax and fuel up without the stress of cooking and cleaning in those early weeks.
  • SIBLING CARE- Having a new baby is a big change for everyone including younger siblings. Doulas keep the younger kids busy with fun activities so they are well taken care of while mother rests. This ensures she has the time she needs to recover and bond with her newborn. Using the help of a Postpartum Doula in this way is a great addition to a “Babymoon,” as it helps the younger children to keep busy while adjusting to the new family, and still having access to their parents without having to leave the house.
  • THE INTANGIBLE- Support during all of the emotional ups-and-downs that can suddenly come up following the birth of a new baby. Debriefing from the experience of delivering a child is essential for mothers to rationalize what they have just been through.

All Postpartum plans are built to meet the individual needs of each family. Enjoy those early weeks of motherhood with one of our Postpartum Home Care Plans or contact us at any time during that first year to book an individual postpartum session as needed.

Flexible Postpartum Session Now Available!

We now offer convenient morning, afternoon and evening sessions making it easier for moms to carve out that very important “Me Time” so they can be the best and healthiest mother to their children. So take a break because you deserve it!

We would love to chat more about your specific needs!