How to Plan a Postpartum Party & Why You Need One

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Moms-to-be spend a lot of time planning for the arrival of their new little one. Countless hours can be spent researching the best car seat, crib and swaddling blankets. Friends and family are anxious to gift you with all the necessities to welcome your little one into your home.

While it’s helpful to have onesies, burp cloths and a changing table at the ready, there are also a lot of practical considerations that new moms don’t think about. It’s not an exaggeration that  there are a lot of times you might not get your teeth brushed or find time to shower everyday. That’s why postpartum parties are quickly becoming a really popular way to celebrate your little one, and meet your physical and emotional needs postpartum.

What is a Postpartum Party?

A Postpartum Party is more than a one time event in your social calendar. It can be a coordinated ‘celebration’ of your transition to motherhood that spans the first six to eight weeks after you give birth. During this time, friends and family are not only anxious to meet your new little one, but they also want to help. The problem is often giving them a job or task to do.

Putting together a Postpartum Party can help you plan for what you’ll need after your baby has arrived. Think about things like food and meal prep, house cleaning, laundry and even scheduled snuggle time for your little one while you shower and sleep. Now imagine having all this coordinated before your baby arrives!

Why You Need a Postpartum Party

The transition to motherhood is challenging, no matter how prepared you are. The demands of an infant and their need for 24/7 care can feel entirely overwhelming. After delivery, your focus and that of your support network is on your baby. We know from experience is that this isn’t sustainable, or healthy over the long term. In order for you to become the mother you want to be, you need to spend time taking care of your needs and this is where your family and friends can come in to help.

By identifying areas where you’ll need help postpartum and lining up that support BEFORE you need it, will not only save you time but help you take care of your baby. If you know your best friend is bringing dinner and your mom is coming to do laundry your focus can be on other things. It may even be your chance to get out of the house alone!

How to Plan a Postpartum Party

We’re pretty sure that you’re convinced that a postpartum party is a great idea, but how do you plan one? This process doesn’t have to be complicated or detailed. Consider things you think you’ll need help and support with after you’ve delivered. These don’t just have to be household tasks or chores. It could be something as simple as three hours of baby snuggling once a week so you can grab a coffee and read a book. Make a list of what you’d like help with or other areas you’d appreciate support.

You can reach out to your best friend or a family member to help plan your party or take care of it yourself. Once you’ve decided what you need help with, connect with your support system and ask them to ‘gift’ you with things from your list. Use a calendar to schedule your support so you have a quick reference tool that can easily review.

There are a number of handy online planning tools that can make this job even easier, like Meal Train, Meal Baby and CareCalendar. Some of these sites will also support your scheduling of other things like chores, errands and child care. You might want to have a Postpartum Party instead of a baby shower, or you can do both. The goal is to make sure that your needs are being met and you have time for transition and recovery.

The transition to motherhood is full of a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and you don’t need to make it any harder by trying to do everything all by yourself. Use the ideas here to plan your very own Postpartum Party in order to set yourself up for success.

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