Family First Maternal Wellness Centre – Inspiring Better Birth and Modern Motherhood!

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Family First Maternal Wellness Centre – Inspiring Better Birth and Modern Motherhood!

After the birth my second daughter in 2013, the world as I knew it flipped upside down. I experienced postpartum depression (PPD) and it forever changed the way I viewed motherhood. It challenged me to re-examine the way women move through the perinatal period and above all it inspired me to change things, to make it better for the mothers coming up behind me! Through my postpartum experience, all I could think about was “Why isn’t there a place for moms? There should be a place dedicated to perinatal health. A place for families to easily access education and support. Somewhere for new moms to go so they can get healthy and stay healthy!”

Finding Passion and Inspiration

After recovering and getting my feet firmly planted again, I jumped full force into navigating the world of maternal mental health. I wanted to learn as much as I could about these illnesses, to better understand how to help new moms who were struggling with the transition to motherhood and figure out how to connect my work as a doula into a service that could improve the lives of countless families.

For the past four years I’ve had the absolute privilege of attending the births of many wonderful clients. I’ve helped them make informed decisions about their care, encouraging them to view birth in a more positive and powerful way and most importantly, to take ownership in their experience. It has also been four years of working with moms who are struggling to keep their heads above water, and helping to create pathways to support so they can find the treatment they need.

After four years of dreaming, planning, connecting, learning (maybe crying a tear or two or 8,000!) and pushing to make this happen, I’m so proud to announce the opening our brand-new maternal wellness centre here in Regina! The Family First Maternal Wellness Centre will be the first of its kind in Canada with a special focus on social support, maternal mental health and ultimately, walking women through the entire first year postpartum!

Improving Moms’ Health Is Our Priority

The best way to improve postpartum health is to start prenatally! Our Build A Better Birth Program offers private, flexible prenatal education. We want families to not only have the education they need to feel informed and confident going into their birth, but also support and encouragement so they know they they have a strong team of professionals behind them.

Our centre aims to take a holistic and proactive approach to maternal wellness. Pregnancy and birth are the most demanding physical challenges a woman can ever go through and meeting her basic nutritional needs is extremely important. That’s why I’m so happy to have naturopath Dr. Richelle Galay joining our team. She will provide much needed nutritional support to women during the perinatal period and beyond. Dr. Galay and her passion for women’s health is such an asset to our team!

Although a large focus of our centre is postpartum social support, ensuring women have access to professional mental health providers, with training in perinatal mental health is a top priority. I’m happy to share that Lindsay Gareau is joining our team and will be providing counselling support in the new centre. Lindsay holds her master’s degree in social work, is a mother of two and has recently completed the two-day certificate training through Postpartum Support International. I’m so happy to have her on board!

The centre will offer so many different options for expectant families but what I’m most proud of is the launch of our brand-new Postpartum Wellness Program! This program is designed to walk women through the entire first year postpartum providing ongoing education, guidance and community. Our goal is to ensure moms are no longer mothering in insolation! Moms will have the flexibility of ongoing one-on-one support as well as attending group-based activities. We want to encourage mothers to find realistic ways to practice self care and prioritize their own needs first, so they can take the best care of their new babies.

Building a Strong Community

The heart of our centre is our lounge area that’s designed with new moms in mind. It’s a space where you can drop in any time, get out of the house and come connect with our team or community of other moms. Every morning will be a different group class ranging from breastfeeding support with the incredible Martha Neovard, Yoga with Jill Bullock, early childhood education with Nichole Forbes SLP from The Regina Speech Centre and general health and nutrition with Dr. Richelle Galay and more!

I am so excited to share this centre with all of you! To fit it all into one blog post is impossible so we will be sharing more as we move forward. As we start to roll things out and get closer to our opening day, I hope you will all follow along and support us as we go. For now, I would love for you to sign up for our newsletter to gain access to the latest updates and special giveaways that we have planned!

That age old saying of “it takes a village” couldn’t ring truer as we increasingly find ourselves isolated and alone, trying to navigate the world of motherhood. Moms need and deserve a new kind of village and we’re going to work to ensure we carve out new ways for them to find it!

Thank you all again for your support and I hope to see you at the grand opening! Stay tuned!