#Bell Let’s Talk About PPD!

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2016 has been such a powerful year for the Maternal Mental Health movement! I’m so proud to be doing what I can as a CAPPA Certified Labour Doula and Postpartum Progress Warrior Mom® Ambassador, adding to this very important conversation here in Saskatchewan. This past September, my experience with Postpartum Depression was featured in an article for The Leader Post in an effort to shed light on what so many new mothers go through during the postpartum period.

Just last week Bell Let’s Talk shared the article on their FB page and I was absolutely thrilled! Can you just imagine how many moms read it and possibly reached out for help? Even if it was only one mom it was worth it!

With the 2017 #BellLetsTalk campaign just around the corner, I would really love to connect with Bell and discuss how we can incorporate PPD into the 2017 campaign and that’s where I need your help!

Below you will find my open letter to Bell asking for their support in raising awareness for Maternal Mental Health across the country. Please join me by sharing this article or your personal experience and the reasons why you feel Canada needs to work harder prioritize Maternal Mental Health!

Be sure to tag Bell Let’s Talk on all of your social media platforms so together we can get the word out!

So here we go! #BellLetsTalk… About PPD!


Good afternoon,

My name is Sara Beckel  and I’m reaching out today to thank you so very much for sharing my article that was recently featured in the Regina Leader Post discussing my journey with the most common birth complication, postpartum depression, and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs)

A staggering 1 in 5 new Canadian mothers suffer each and every year from a PMAD, making it extremely important that we shed light on this critical issue on the national stage.  The downstream effects on women not receiving proper treatment impact the entire family unit; PMADs can affect early childhood development, including the behavioural, psychological, emotional and physical development of a woman’s child or children.  Women who do not receive treatment can undergo a lifelong battle with depression and anxiety, impacting her emotional and physical health, and ability to function.

I am a huge supporter of the #BellLetsTalk campaign and am proud that our country is taking such a strong stance on improving access to care and of course, battling the stigma that prevents so many from getting the help they need to feel well and regain their health.

Just over three years ago I found myself in a very dark place and completely overwhelmed in my new role as a mother of two. I knew something wasn’t right with how I felt, but I had no idea where to turn. Mothers are exposed to damaging and harmful cultural messaging, as we are told constantly that “mothering is hard” or to “kiss sleep goodbye” and this makes it very confusing for new moms to realize that they could be experiencing a postpartum emotional complication and need outside help.

Thankfully I came across a very important resource during my online search for a lifeline and that was The Plain Mama English – Signs and Symptoms of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety from a non-profit organization called Postpartum Progress!  This simple document was the beginning of my road to health and helped me understand that postpartum depression is a very real and serious issue, that I was NOT alone and that there was HELP!

The FREE tools available online at Postpartum Progress helped me become educated, empowered and above all helped me regain my health during that first year postpartum and I am forever grateful for the work that’s being done by Katherine Stone and her dedicated team. As a proud Warrior Mom® Ambassador and three time Climb Out Of The Darkness® Team Leader, I now work alongside this organization volunteering in my community and across the province to help mothers in my area get the help they need.

Below you will find a current snapshot of just how many Canadian women we help each and every year and we will continue to move forward with growing our Canadian reach because all moms matter and they all deserve to feel healthy!

Postpartum Progress is a U.S. based non-profit organization making a huge impact, but their physical location plays very little role in influencing the number of women reached by their extensive online presence that includes an award-winning blog and website with over 3.5 million page views to date in 2016.  Their expertise in patient engagement and social media has led to over 34,000 fans on Facebook, 13,000 Twitter followers and 3.5 thousand followers on Instagram. Women from across Canada and around the world can access tools and online peer support and accurate medical information about PMADs 24/7.  The resources they provide are free for women and health care providers and arm individuals with the information and knowledge they need to advocate for themselves and begin their journey towards healing.

I would love to be involved with the Bell Let’s Talk 2017 Campaign in any way possible! It would be absolutely ground-breaking for an organization such as Bell to highlight PMADs and add to the dialogue about this very important issue in 2017.

Thank you again for sharing the article and I hope there is a possibility to expand this conversation in the near future.



Sara Beckel CLD- Warrior Mom® Ambassador