Having the support of a trained birth professional, or doula, is something that every new family should have access to and this is something we are very proud to be changing right here in Saskatchewan. Traditionally Doulas have served families during and leading up to the birth process but we want to push the profession even further and expand our service to meet families exactly where they are and fill in the gaps of education and support they may need.

We are excited to now offer private Prenatal Planning Session’s families can book as often as they need in order gain confidence through education as they move closer to their birth day. Additionally, we are proud to launch two brand new programs, our online Build a Better Birth program in which families can access any time that is convenient for them, as well as our Postpartum Wellness Program that supports new mothers through the entire first year after giving birth!


Choosing a Doula is an extremely personal decision. It is important that you find someone who fits well with your personality and that you feel comfortable with. Our Doulas work one-on-one with your family to walk you through the entire process of bringing a new child into the world. This can include Prenatal Planning, Labour Support, and Postpartum Home Care, to name a few. At Family First Doula Service, we create a Personalized Birth Support Team that meets your individual needs to ensure that you enjoy a gentle transition into new parenthood.

Having the support of a Doula during this special time not only has a positive impact on your overall birth experience but, is also an effective way to prioritize the health of your entire family by reducing your risk factors for potential interventions, caesarean section and other birth complications including Postpartum Depression (PPD). PPD affects one in five new mothers across Canada and is actually the most common birth complication to date.

Our Birth Philosophy

The birth of a new baby is the most life-changing and profound experience a woman will ever go through. We strongly believe that when we fully support, educate and encourage new mothers to find their voice and become more confident in their decisions, we ultimately help them become more secure in their own innate ability to birth. Women have been helping women birth for hundreds of years and this kind of encouragement is a key player in a woman feeling safe and emotionally safeguarded so that her body can let go and birth her baby. Since each family is unique, we offer many different services to ensure they get the support they need the most. Our team of Doulas are here to encourage you to make the choices that work best for your family. At the end of the day that is all that matters: healthy mother, healthy baby and a healthy family!

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