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Welcome and thank you so much for taking the time to visit us! At Family First Maternal Wellness Centre, our goal is to change the way Saskatchewan families plan for and experience new parenthood by placing the power of education and strong community back into the hands of families. Our hope is that you feel empowered by your birth experience and that you have the education and support you need to stay healthy throughout the postpartum period!

Our centre is truly a hub for new families and we are proud to offer many different services to fill in the gaps of education and support that are needed along the way. From private prenatal education with our Build A Better Birth- Prenatal Planning Program, continuous hands on Labour Support, Counselling, Naturopathic Care and last but not least, our Postpartum Wellness Program which aims to walk women through the entire first year postpartum! This program is the first of its kind in Canada and is setting a new standard for how we can support new mothers during the postpartum!



Build A Better Birth- Prenatal Planning Program

Posted by | September 7 | No Comments on Build A Better Birth- Prenatal Planning Program

Having a baby is the most life changing experiences you will ever go through, and although there is no right or wrong way to have a baby, we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to walk away feeling empowered and above all HEALTHY! The first step in doing so is […]

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Postpartum Wellness Program

Posted by | September 6 | No Comments on Postpartum Wellness Program

At Family First, we are committed to improving the health and wellness of new mothers across the province and that’s why we have created a brand new 12-month program that will revolutionize the way women experience motherhood! Research has shown that continuous social support throughout the first year postpartum has tremendous benefits on the overall […]

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Doula Support

Posted by | September 5 | No Comments on Doula Support

Together we can create a birth experience that is enjoyable, positive, and above all, the safest that it can be! Choosing to have a Doula present at your birth or in your home during the early postpartum can be one of the most beneficial investments you will ever make. We work one-on-one with you and […]

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Posted by | September 4 | No Comments on Counselling

Improving maternal mental health is our top priority! With 1 in 5 new mothers suffering from a postpartum mood disorder (PMAD) like postpartum depression and anxiety, we feel strongly that finding effective treatment should be easily accessible for new mothers who are struggling. Postpartum mood disorders are the most common complication of childbirth but more […]

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Posted by | September 3 | No Comments on Naturopath

Pregnancy is one of the most physically demanding experiences a woman will ever go through and ensuring you’re meeting your basic nutritional needs is one of the best ways to be proactive about your health and that of your new baby. Naturopathic care is a great addition to your health care team during pregnancy and […]

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Posted by | January 13 | No Comments on Breastfeeding

Prenatal Nourish Your Newborn- Prenatal Breastfeeding Class Nourish Your Newborn is the perfect class to set mom and baby on the road to breastfeeding bliss! Breastfeeding is of course, the biological norm but it’s still very much a learned skill. Even under ideal circumstances, it has its own challenges and we want to make sure […]

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  • sarah
    Owner Family First Maternal Weellnes Centre
    CAPPA Certified Labour Doula

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    Certified Breastfeeding Educator
    Certified Babywearing Educator
    Birth Doula

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  • Q: What is a Doula?

    A: A Doula is a trained professional who provides physical, emotional and educational support to a new mother and her family during pregnancy, labour and into the postpartum period. The word “doula” (pronounced DOO-la) is a Greek word meaning “woman servant or caregiver.” A doula believes in mothering the mother, enabling a woman to have the most satisfying childbirth experience that she can.

  • Q: Do I have to book a consultation?

    A: Booking a consultation is the first step toward hiring a Doula. There is absolutely no obligation as the purpose of the consultation is to clearly review your wants and wishes with what we at Family First Doula Service do and how we can help you to achieve them. More importantly, we are also able to better assess your family’s specific needs and put together an individualized birth support team that works best for you.

  • Q: What makes a positive birth experience?

    A: Studies show that the underlying reason for a woman’s positive outlook when it comes to her birth experience is the ability to control her body during labour and influence the environment in which she labours and gives birth. Ultimately, when a woman has been listened to and her birth wishes have been respected, she will tend to walk away from the experience feeling empowered and ready to shift into her new role as mother.

  • Q: Does a Doula perform vaginal exams or other medical procedures?

    A: A Doula does NOT provide any medical advice or perform any medical procedures at any time. A Doula assists in gaining information about client’s care provider’s recommendations.

  • Q: What are the benefits of the Doula?

    A: One of the biggest benefits of a Doula is the fact that she is a professional birth/postpartum support person. She has been trained in the art of birth support and educated in the care of the newborn, as well as the recovery of the postpartum mother.

    A Doula has a keen eye for what a labouring or new mother needs, is able to remain calm and focused even if things go slightly off the intended birth plan, or if problems arise during the initial postpartum period. A Doula also guides and encourages the father or partner as they go through the birth experience and becomes a new parent.

  • Q: What is the Positive Impact of Hiring a Postpartum Doula?


    • 22% increased rates of breastfeeding at six weeks postpartum
    • 15% higher self-esteem
    • 12% reduction in anxiety
    • 13% reduction in Postpartum Depression at six weeks postpartum.
    • A reduction in the risk factors of Postpartum Depression, which affects approximately 10 to 20% of all new mothers. Using a Postpartum Doula is a very effective way to reduce your risk factors from developing PPD by having care within the home for the first six weeks.

  • Q: Why should I hire a Doula if my husband or partner will be present?

    A: Choosing to have a Doula attend your birth is a fantastic way to help your partner help you! We believe the role of the father or partner is an important one and never want to try and replace this special relationship. Even when a father or partner has been really active in reading books and taking classes, birth can be quite intense at times. Watching your wife or partner in labour can bring up unexpected emotions that draw focus away from the labouring mother’s needs. This can also make it difficult to remember every variation of the coping tools they had previously learned. Doulas are a source of consistent, calming energy and can seamlessly make suggestions such as positional changes to change gears whenever needed. Our goal is to help take the pressure off your spouse or partner so they can enjoy the experience while also having access to helpful hints and advice.

  • Q: Can I still have a Doula if I want an epidural?

    A: Yes! Expectant mothers ask us that question all the time. We support ANY choice you make when it comes to the birth of your new baby. Our goal is to help educate you during our prenatal time together so that you are fully aware of what that decision may mean in the long run. Ultimately, we would love to help you in making informed decisions so that you don’t look back and ask, “If I had known that, would I have made the same decision?” There is always a time and a place for everything and plans do change. We are always here to support your Plan A and your Plan B! The more information you have, the more options are available to you.

  • Q: Can a Doula speak on my behalf?

    A: No. A Doula cannot speak on your behalf. A Doula is there to help you gather all the information you need during the prenatal period so you are well prepared during your labour and birth. If an unexpected situation comes up during labour, a Doula is there to help create the space you need to ask more about the benefits and the risks of any suggested procedure.

  • Q: What are the five basic needs of a new mother?


    • 1. Rest so she can heal
    • 2. Gentle education and guidance as she becomes more confident in her new role as mother.
    • 3. Nourishing food and drink to ensure proper nutrition and that her energy levels remain high.
    • 4. Relief of practical household chores so she can focus solely on herself and bonding with her newborn.
    • 5. A safe place to debrief and begin to process the birth experience itself.

  • Q: What is the difference between a Postpartum Doula and a Baby Nurse?

    A: A Postpartum Doula is someone who is there to support the entire family unit during the early postpartum weeks. Our goal is to provide gentle education and guidance as parents become more familiar with newborn care so they can build confidence in their new skills. A baby nurse is someone who is specifically hired to care for the newborn and tends to take over the care of the new baby as the mom heals and rests.

  • Q: Is a postpartum Doula only for women with PPD/Anxiety?

    A: No. Hiring a Postpartum Doula is a great option for all women to relieve themselves of practical household chores during those early weeks, enabling them to focus on processing their birth, learning to breastfeed and bonding with their new baby. Having a Postpartum Doula in the home to help with other siblings is another way to provide a gentle cushion as the family unit adjusts to its brand new member. This service is also a practical and effective way to reduce risk factors for PPD/Anxiety.

  • Q: How does a Postpartum Doula help with women struggling PPD/ANXIETY?

    A: A Postpartum Doula is very helpful when a new mother finds herself in the heat of PPD/ANXIETY. We are able to come in to the home and care for the mother by relieving her of the day-to-day stresses of having a newborn. We provide a safe and gentle place to debrief and help review her options within our community when it comes to treatment. When a mother is struggling, it’s very important that she gets the space and time to care for herself whether it’s alone time, exercise or the much needed sleep she needs to regain perspective so she can begin healing and regaining her strength.

  • Q: Does Placenta Encapsulation offer guaranteed results?

    A: Ingesting placenta capsules does not guarantee any specific results, as every woman is different. That said, many women find this to be very beneficial to their postpartum recovery. Science is showing positive findings in support of using the placenta to help with increased milk production, replenishment of maternal iron and balancing hormones. This is a practical tool to help to reduce risk factors for PPD, increase energy and speed the postpartum healing period. Results vary. For more information, please visit Placenta Network or Placenta Benefits.

  • Q: What safety and cleaning procedures do you follow during the Placenta Encapsulation process?

    Safety is something that is very important to us and we hold very high standards when it comes to processing and cleaning our equipment. First, we carefully review with all of our clients how to properly store their placenta during their hospital stay, as this is the client’s responsibility not that of the hospital. We follow strict food safety guidelines and are certified in OSHA Blood Borne Safety for storing, cleaning and sanitizing our equipment.

PPD / Anxiety

After nine long months of pregnancy, the day that you get to meet your new sweet baby is finally here! This special time is supposed to be filled with feelings of pure joy and unconditional love for your new child. What many people don’t realize is that one in five new mothers suffer silently from Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders like Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Anxiety, making it the number one birth complication to date.



We want to make childbirth education easier for expectant  families. That’s why we’ve created our #StraightTalk series of FREE downloadables you can use along the way!



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Mixed Feeding: 5 Tips for Success with Breast and Bottle

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At Family First Maternal Wellness we know it’s important for every family to have access to education that supports how they choose to parent.  In 2017, Statistics Canada surveyed families across Canada and found that at 6 months, 36.9% of babies were exclusively breastfed. This means that over 60% of Canadian families are using infant […]

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The Vital Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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At some point or another I’m sure you’ve heard the term “omega-3 fatty acid”. So what exactly are omega-3s and why are they important for pregnancy and beyond? Essential Fatty Acids Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of essential fatty acid that the body needs to function properly. They are essential because they body can’t […]

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Our team is here to provide support throughout the perinatal period and want to ensure accessing information is as easy as possible. If you have any questions about your upcoming birth or are experiencing symptoms associated with a postpartum mood disorder like postpartum depression & anxiety, we’d love to help!

You can email us directly at, gives us a call here at the centre 306-525-2605 or book a free consult so we can chat more in detail about your unique needs!


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